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What is Premium Content?
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Being an Artist you have a lot of content and music to show to the world. You put a lot of effort to create it and make it of high-quality, so you deserve a good reward.
As we mentioned briefly in a previous article, "The Music Industry Landscape", Artists haven't been getting paid fairly.
In fact, they have been bullied by major streaming platforms, record labels, and more.
Check out some points on this idea from our previous article:
The "stream" is counted only when the track is listened at least 30 sec;
1 million streams will bring you only $4000 maximum.
So streaming can bring you some dollars, but it won't pay off all the spending.
Do you have an exclusive video from a private party? Get paid for it. Have you filmed "behind the scenes" episodes? Get paid for it. Wrote a new album? Get! Paid! For it!
Ryddm is the answer.
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How Does it Work?
Ryddm is about growing, self-promoting, and earning in one place. We give you the app with all the necessary tools. We provide the opportunity to get paid by fans and increase revenues alongside the fan base.
So don't let it slip!
You bring unforgettable emotions. You encourage people. Fans want more of your content to get the motivation. And they are ready to pay for this experience.
Things work like this:
Fans got it and are ready to pay you every month to see exciting content.
Warm the interest with a snippet of something exclusive for subscribers.
Show some cool free stuff.
You create an account and ask everyone (friends, family, fans etc.) to follow.
Aim the quality and entertaining content!
Free and Paid Content Balance
Note that: some of the content should be free. That's a rule of balance in everything.
Free content is your calling card for new fans since they will not pay you money at the moment they find your account.
For new fans, you have to prove that you are worth paying.
What content can be free?
It is important to post as much as you can and follow content strategy. Here you have to show that you are a fantastic person and have something more interesting under subscription.
Photos and videos from social events
Tour videos
Old music catalog
Pre-release and post-release content
Routine photos
Paid Content. What Should it Be?
Tons of content on the Web is for free. Still, it needs a lot of resources to make any exclusive content. For example, check this "No Glory In The West" official music video by Orville Pack.
This stuff is cool. Fans want to see behind the scenes episodes, but they are exclusive:
They need more resources to be created.
They tell more about the artist's life;
They show some secrets of creating the videos;
That is why you can provide such content only for subscribers. If they want to know more about you, they will definitely pay. At this point we should remind you that free content is necessary since it is the way to attract interest to your musical brand.
Here are some examples of stuff that is exclusive and should be available only for subscribers:
Photos and videos from private parties
Q&F sessions for fans
Own covers and alternate versions for your songs
Сoncert backstage scenes
Family time content
EPs and surprise releases
Exclusive songs
Collaboration with other artists
The quality of content will certainly attract fans, while poorly created content will lead to poor subscriber retention rates. You are a creative mastermind. Keep fans interested!
Possible Earnings are Unlimited
Let us go to numbers! Imagine your overall audience is 5k people, and 50% of them will follow you on Ryddm. Let us suppose 20% of the followers will subscribe. Here you might get $2500 with only 500 subscribers if the price is $5.
You can get more from the same subscriber since he can donate you some money on a single post.
The number of subscribers is unlimited;
You can set your own price for subscription;
Think about what if you have 1000, 10k, 100k subscribers? Got it? You are worth millions of dollars. And fans are ready to pay these millions.
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